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Information about individuals who lived in the town.
They are listed in various contexts

A census was recorded, for political purposes, in October of 1684. In search of Covenanter sympathisers, every adult over the age of 12 years was listed by the parish minister, with an indication of whether they lived in the burgh or in a farm within the parish boundaries.

A record of all the householders of the parish with the number of hearths each owned (an indication of wealth); contains also a list of the people receiving poor benefit.

1825 - 1877 - 1911
Three separate lists of inhabitants of Wigtown, providing varying records of home addresses or occupations.

Cemetery records
Compiled from gravestone inscriptions recorded by the late Mr Birchman, every name is recorded with any details given about the individual entry, including any mentioned family connections.

Information gathered about notable figures of the town during the last five centuries. Sir Patrick Vans, the infamous Provost Coltrane, Thomas Wheatley of railway fame, and many others feature on the list.

Visitors who come to Wigtown searching for their "roots", and who are willing to leave their names and addresses, are recorded in the database with details of their family connections to provide a contact for others searching the same family names.




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