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Wigtown’s reputation is based on its wide and eclectic range of books – currently just over the quarter of a million mark and with subjects ranging from modern crime thriller to 1st edition Dickens.

However with numerous bookshops and an ever-expanding number of customers we also need to constantly be replenishing our stock levels and our latest addition to the web site is aimed at just that – one to one thousand books (or more) we are interested in talking to you.

Just place your enquiry on our easy to use "Book Buying" form and this will instantly be sent out to each of our bookshops...you only need to sit back then and the buyer will come to you.

If you have collections to sell - large or small

Please provide us with the details of your collection on the form below and this will automatically be sent to every bookshop in Wigtown. You will receive an automatic reply thanking you for your enquiry and assuring you of our best attention. Individual bookshops will then make contact to assist. It will be of considerable benefit if you could identify the main areas of interest covered by your collection.

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